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Inventor of
the thermoreactor®
In 1953

  • MOST ADVANCED IR technology on the market
  • ONLY Gas Catalytic Infrared Heaters on the market that provides additional convectional energy
  • HIGHEST Efficiency and BEST Performance in the world
  • FASTEST curing time and LOWEST Gas Consumption
  • ONLY Gas Catalytic Infrared Heaters that recirculate oven air @ 400° FT
  • CATHERM is a NEW and UNIQUE type of Thermoreactor® that STARTS instantaneously with the HIGHEST efficiency that any type of Gas Catalytic Infrared Heaters
  • HEAVIER catalyst and BETTER construction than ANY competitor for longer DURABILITY

from using our
Infrared Heaters

  • Increase line speed ans productivity
  • Most advanced IR technology
  • Only gas catalytic IR with convectional energy
  • Reduces energy cost
  • Requires less floor space
  • Works with Liquid, Powder Coating, Ink, Caulking, etc.
  • Eliminate Cross-contamination in the oven (powder)
Integrators welcome! Use our Thermoreactors® as an advantage over your competition!

Infrared Heaters

Our Gas Catalytic Infrared Heaters cure coating 2-4 times faster and are 40% more efficient than any other type of Infrared Heaters.

Most of our Thermoreactors® recycles air from the oven (up to 450°F) to add convectional heat to the radiant energy. As a result, our Thermoreactors® provides the following benefits :

  • Better Heat transfer to the parts
  • Faster curing
  • Lower gas consumption
  • Better temperature uniformity


We design/build a variety of ovens to meet our customers needs.

  • Gas Catalytic Infrared Ovens
  • Conveyorized Ovens (Infrared, Convection, Combination)
  • Dry-Off Convection Ovens
  • Electric Infrared Ovens
  • Batch Ovens

Our oven designs provide the highest efficiency on the market.

Our ovens are suitable for powder coating, Solvent based or Water based liquid paint.


Paint Lines

Sunkiss-EPI also designs and manufacture complete paint lines, including :

  • Pre-treatment washers
  • Dry-Off ovens
  • Paint Curing Ovens
  • Conveyors
  • Cooling Tunnels
  • Central PLC control
  • Engineering and Project Management
  • 3D Simulation

Services that we offer

  • Sales and Engineering of Gas Catalytic Infrared Heaters ovens
  • Support Integrators with the installation of the Thermoreactors® in their ovens or paint lines
  • Design and manufacturing of IR Booster Ovens
  • Retrofit and repair of all kinds of Gas Catalytic Infrared Heaters, using real SUNKISS catalyst
  • Testing facility to evaluate the performance of our Thermoreactors®