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Over the years our seasoned team has developed an expertise in order to meet and exceed customer expectations.  Our equipment, at the cutting edge of technology, offers several advantages: increased production, energy savings, profitability, ease of use and reliability.

We offer a full line of custom equipment, whether for a batch oven or a continuous line, and we are able to adequately meet your needs.

We are recognized for our close collaboration with our clients in order to properly target their needs.  It is indeed essential to fully understand and analyze the customer's requirements to support them throughout the project so that the equipment offered fully meets expectations.

Our design and manufacturing plant is located in the province of Quebec.

Our Thermoreactors®

Sunkiss thermoréacteurs

Airless Range

Low power density allowing it to adapt perfectly to heat sensitive parts, such as wood or plastic surfaces. Runs on natural gas or propane. For temperature between 104° F (40° C) and 212° F (100° C)

Air Boost Range

Medium power density ideal for medium thickness steel and aluminum parts. High energy efficiency, compact installation and for temperatures between 140° F (60° C) and 480° F (250° C)

Air Recycling range

High power density and high energy efficiency, ideal for drying large volume aluminum and metal parts. Recycles hot oven air to add convection and increased cooking performance. High environmental efficiency. For temperatures between 158° F (70° C) and 572° F (300° C)

paint line conception

etape 1


Clean and treat parts before applying liquid or powder coating. Soaking tanks, manual washing or automatic multi-stage tunnel.
etape 2


Dry parts to remove any residual water before coating.
etape 3

Coating application

Powder coating, liquid paint or pther type of product application.
etape 4

Cooking or drying

Dry, bake or polymerize the different coatings. This step is done using infrared emitters, convection or a combination of the two.

Our products

  • Pre-treatment washers

    Pre-treatment washers

    Complete industrial pretreatment systems for cleaning and preparing materials. Washers with 2 to 7 stages depending on treatment recommendations.
  • Combination oven for continuous line

    Combination oven for continuous line

    Convection oven with an infrared zone allowing the paint to heat up quickly and efficiently, followed by efficient maintenance
  • Batch oven

    Batch oven

    Batch type oven either convection or infrared adapted to your products. Suitable for multiple applications with efficient and optimized hot air distribution.
  • Spray booth

    Spray booth

    Booths designed according to your needs and your products. Whether applying liquid paint or powder paint, we can provide you with the solution for a turnkey project.
  • Conveying system

    Conveying system

    Various parts handling systems in partnership. Whether manual or automatic, to facilitate the movement of parts and optimize floor space as well as production.
Do not hesitate to contact us for more information or to obtain an evaluation of your system.

Our products are used in different fields

Benefiting from unique expertise in painting systems and its experience in several industrial sectors, Sunkiss-EPI designs and manufactures equipment for various applications, including:
  • Aeronautical
  • Construction materials
  • Metal products manufacturing
  • Wood finishing
  • Painting subcontractor
  • Doors and windows
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Recreational facilities
  • Transports
  • Lighting
  • Aluminium extrusion
  • Architectural materials

Full range of services for your paint line

Our commitment is to support you, from the start to the end of your project for an efficient and profitable installation. Our value-added services include, among others

  • Conception
  • Engineering
  • 3D drawings
  • Control panels
  • Programmation
  • Integrated manufacturing
  • CSA or QPS approval
  • Project management
  • After sales service
  • Turnkey project

Some of our valued customers: